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Over the course of three years, the average company will experience 17.2 non-payment events. That's far too many past due invoices. 

Knowing that over 80% of businesses fail as a result of cash flow issues, the team at Euler Hermes has put together the Past Due Survival Kit to provide you with resources to help you avoid non-payment events and recover when they do occur. 

Here's what you'll get in the kit:
  • ✔ How to Recover When a Client Doesn't Pay [ebook]
  • ✔ 10 Signs Your B2B Customer Won't Pay [infographic]
  • ✔ How Market Risk & Uncertainty is Keeping CFOs Up at Night [infographic]
  • ✔ Economic Trade Risk by Country [world map]
  • ✔ Non-Payment Checklist [handout]

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Euler Hermes gives companies the confidence to trade and be paid.

Our customers come to us for predictive insights to stop most bad debts before they happen, and credit insurance to cover the unexpected losses.

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